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Drug and alcohol addiction is a significant problem that often needs immediate attention. If you or a loved one is dealing with the devastating effects of addiction near Washington Township, New Jersey, finding the right professional help is crucial in breaking the vicious cycle of substance abuse. This article will focus on how to find the right Washington Township addiction treatment program that best fits your needs. We will also cover what to look for in a treatment program and what you can expect when you enter a Washington Township rehab.

Finding the right New Jersey rehab can be difficult, but Liberty Wellness is here to help! We are a top-rated drug treatment provider near Washington Township. Call us toll-free today and find out how our programs and services can help you find lasting recovery.

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Addiction Treatment in Washington Township

In your search for addiction treatment in Washington Township can present challenges. While many rehabs offer excellent treatment programs, you may feel overwhelmed with those choices. Which program will be right for you? What if you have pre-existing health conditions that may complicate recovery? Will insurance take care of most or all of the costs associated with treatment? With all your questions, it isn’t surprising that you may feel discouraged and may even abandon your treatment search.

While you may feel like you are in over your head, finding a rehab in Washington Township is easier than you think. You will have to do your due diligence in research, but you can find the right rehab if you know where to look and know who to turn to if you have questions or concerns. If you feel overwhelmed in your search for the right rehab in Washington Township, call the treatment professionals at Liberty Wellness today.

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How to Find Comprehensive Treatment Programs in Washington Township

You have made the decision to enter a drug treatment program in Washington Township—what are your next steps? The first thing you must do when looking for a rehab in Washington Township is to ask yourself one question:

What is my goal in treatment?

It’s a simple yet powerful question and absolutely necessary to ask. Why do you want to attend treatment? What do you want to get out of treatment? What are your goals? When you answer those questions, you want to find the treatment center that closely aligns with your goals and objectives. Obviously, you must do further research into what programs you need and if the rehab in question will take your insurance, among others but answering that first important question will get you in the right direction.

There are other important considerations to keep in mind when looking for a Washington Township drug treatment program. The following are the key points outlined by SAMHSA when looking for drug rehab:


Make sure the treatment program is licensed or certified by the state. This ensures the provider meets basic quality and safety requirements. You should also check that the program is accredited, which means it meets standards of care set by a national compliance organization. Be sure to ask the program to show you how people using their services have rated them.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Check to determine if the program offers effective and proven substance use disorder treatments, such as medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, education about the risks of drug and alcohol use, and peer support. Quality treatment providers or programs offer more than one form of effective treatment. Effective programs will also be mindful of or address mental health and physical disorders that will affect substance use treatment.


Confirm whether the program offers FDA-approved medication for recovery from alcohol and opioid use disorders. However, keep in mind that currently, there are no FDA-approved medications to help prevent relapse from other problem substances.


Family members have an important role in understanding the impact of addiction on families and providing support. Make sure the treatment program includes family members in the treatment process.

Continuing Care 

For many people, addiction requires ongoing medication and support. Quality programs provide treatment for the long term, which may include ongoing counseling or recovery coaching and support and helps in meeting other basic needs like sober housing, employment support, and continued family involvement.

When you find a Washington Township rehab that meets the above criteria, schedule an appointment to tour the facility and meet the staff. Treatment staff or a representative of that facility should contact you within 48 hours. If that provider does not contact you in that timeframe, continue your search for another provider which meets those criteria.

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What to Expect From a Washington Township Rehab

When you enter a drug rehab in Washington Township, you will feel a certain level of anxiety not knowing the treatment process and what to expect out of treatment. Fortunately, many Washington Township addiction treatment programs follow a concise yet dynamic process that will help you ease into and get the most out of your treatment experience. The following is what you will expect from a Washington Township rehab:

Initial Assessment

When you enter rehab in Washington Township, treatment staff will conduct a thorough initial assessment. This assessment will include a full mental and medical assessment, and from this assessment, treatment staff can place you in the appropriate level of care that will best fit your treatment needs and goals. Additionally, staff will create an individualized treatment plan that will give you the tools and support you need to fully address your substance abuse.

Safe and Secure Environment

You can also expect that the Washington Township addiction treatment program you attend will provide a safe and secure environment. The facility should be clean, have amenities that are updated, and focus on the safety and security of all clients. Whether you undergo residential treatment, outpatient treatment, or aftercare, the facility will have in place a no-tolerance policy for substances in the facility as well as inappropriate behavior. The treatment facility should and will have a warm and empowering environment where you can focus on overcoming your substance abuse issues.


Another thing to expect in a Washington Township rehab is the constant support of treatment staff and your recovering peers. In the treatment environment, the support you receive from these individuals will help you build a sober support network that you can rely on if you feel that you are slipping back into old behaviors. Not only do support systems bolster you when you are vulnerable, they hold you accountable in working your program of recovery. Additionally, most rehabs in Washington Township have family programs that further bolster your support network.

Healthy Daily Structure

When in a Washington Township rehab, staff will help you create a daily schedule that is filled with healthy and recovery-centered activities. Depending on the program, these activities can include 12-step meetings, recreation and fitness, individual and group therapy, and other fun recovery-centered activities.

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