Seeking Safety Therapy Program

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Seeking Safety Therapy Program

We are a New Jersey co-occurring treatment program and have daily groups that address addiction and other mental health disorders. Part of the co-occurring aspect of our addiction treatment is a trauma focused group that we hold once a week for clients. At Liberty Wellness in Berlin, NJ, we use the Seeking Safety Therapy curriculum, which is one of the only group therapy modalities that has been clinically proven to improve outcomes in recovery and trauma.

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About Our Seeking Safety Therapy Program

Seeking Safety Therapy is an evidence-based treatment that helps clients attain safety from trauma and substance abuse. This program is present-focused, with concentration on what you can do right now to create a healthier lifestyle. One of the main points is teaching you how to become more safe in relationships, thinking, and action. It is relative to all types of trauma and helps you focus on your personal strengths and better them.

The focus of Seeking Safety therapy is to help Liberty Wellness clients to attain safety from trauma and substance use. The top three goals of the Seeking Safety Therapy Program include:

  • Learning to respect yourself
  • Learning to trust yourself and others
  • Developing healthy coping skills

A safe environment will be created. Seeking Safety focuses on the present, so clients will not be asked to explore painful trauma narratives in the group setting.This treatment follows a consistent format, and is designed to provide ample time to process your current and past struggles as well as learn healthy means of coping.

Seeking Safety Therapy allows you to find comfort and focuses on your strengths and helps you increase them. It provides 25 topics for you to choose from. Some of the topics include:

  • Safety
  • Taking good care of yourself
  • Recovery thinking
  • Setting Boundaries in relationships
  • Detaching from emotional pain
  • Asking for help
  • Coping with triggers

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Key Objectives of Seeking Safety Therapy

Seeking Safety Therapy is highly effective and has several key objectives such as:

  • Helping clients achieve safety in their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and personal relationships
  • Providing integrated treatment of substance abuse and trauma
  • Focusing on four content areas: cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, case management
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Is Addiction Therapy Right For You?

Addiction rehab therapy can treat many different things, such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and behavioral addictions. It focuses on the reasoning behind addiction, and changes the client’s thoughts and behaviors while giving them the skills needed to maintain sobriety. Addiction therapists will work with clients to address the psychological addiction to either drugs or alcohol through individual sessions, group sessions, and other therapeutic methods. Therapy in groups can offer a bunch of benefits, like the ability to connect with other people on an emotional level, which can help build relationships with others facing the same struggles. It can also minimize the sense of isolation that often accompanies addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Seeking Safety

Anyone can attend. Seeking Safety Therapy has been successful with all types of traumas, addictions, and for anyone looking to improve their coping skills. It was designed to help all genders, and has been successfully implemented with adults and adolescents (ages 13 and up).

No, you can pick and choose which topics you would like to do. Each of the 25 topics are interdependent of the others, so you can decide which ones you would like to do in any order.

No, while it does try to focus on the present it does not encourage the avoidance of the past. Clients name their traumas and further discuss in depth how it impacts them in the present. One of the key principles is “headlines not details” which asks clients not to go into detail, since that would be a different type of therapy. Seeking Safety Therapy can be used with other types of treatments that the client may need or want, including past-focused models.

Seeking Safety Therapy is an evidence-based treatment with strong research to support it. Research has shown that it is safe, cost effective, and works well for both trauma and addiction issues.

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At Liberty Wellness, we understand that addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. We are dedicated to helping not just the one suffering from substance abuse, but the entire family during their healing process. Our family therapy program is designed to help the recovering addict and their family to address the specific issues they might face. Call or contact us today for more information on our family therapy program.
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Get help with payment for your Addiction rehab treatment. We accept multiple types of insurance and can help you verify if you will be accepted.

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