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In any given year, thousands of people living in Gloucester County, New Jersey, need treatment for substance problems. That includes many of the residents of Deptford and nearby communities. Some of those affected have no prior history of enrollment in drug or alcohol treatment. However, a significant percentage have experienced a relapse after previously going through rehab. In both situations, lasting recovery is possible with help from a customized, comprehensive addiction program.

Looking for a high-quality addiction treatment provider in Deptford? At Liberty Wellness, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art substance treatment services to communities throughout South Jersey. With our help, you can maximize your odds of establishing durable substance abstinence. That’s true whether you’re entering treatment for the first time or recovering from one or more relapse episodes. We also feature multiple programs specifically designed for population groups with unique recovery needs. No matter your situation, we’re dedicated to your successful sobriety journey.

Liberty Wellness is a drug and alcohol rehab center in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about how we service the Deptford area.

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Options for Addiction Treatment in Deptford

There are a wide range of well-researched, modern methods for effective drug and alcohol treatment. All of these methods follow established principles such as:

  • Understanding addiction’s status as a treatable if chronic brain disease
  • Making treatment as accessible as possible
  • Customizing treatment instead of taking a rigid, static approach
  • Providing you with treatment long enough for you to get its full benefits
  • Basing all recovery plans on some form of behavioral psychotherapy
  • Combining therapy with medication if your form of addiction warrants it
  • Recognizing the ever-present possibility of relapsing after you receive treatment

Modern psychotherapy for addiction focuses on making changes in your behavior that support a sober lifestyle. This goal can be approached in different ways depending on your personal circumstances and form of addiction. For that reason, you may benefit from any number of options, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Community reinforcement
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Family therapy

Multiple forms of therapy can be incorporated into a single treatment plan.

Medication use in addiction treatment is typically secondary to the use of psychotherapy. The two areas where it takes a more expanded role are in the treatment of alcohol and opioid problems. The term medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is often used to describe the joint use of medication and therapy for addiction recovery. 

At Liberty Wellness, we’re fully versed in modern methods of substance treatment. Have more questions about the methods used at our Deptford area drug and alcohol rehab center? Turn to our knowledgeable specialists for timely, accurate answers.

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Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services in Deptford

Most people affected by substance problems can recover in an outpatient setting. That’s likely true for you unless your addiction symptoms are severe. However, no single program can properly support everyone who would benefit from outpatient care. Why not? The diversity of needs among various individuals is simply too great. 

This fact explains why, like addiction treatment in general, outpatient care exists on a continuum with multiple available options. These options are:

An outpatient program can help you recover from mild SUD. In an IOP, you can get help for moderate to moderate-to-severe symptoms that are relatively stable. A PHP shares certain features with an IOP. However, it’s meant for people whose overall condition is less stable. 

Liberty Wellness features all three forms of outpatient drug rehab in Deptford. We also feature all forms of outpatient care for alcohol problems. For more information on the details of any of our outpatient options, contact us today.

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Long-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Deptford

Roughly 40% to 60% of all people who reach sobriety in treatment will maintain that sobriety. However, many people will relapse one or more times. If you experience a relapse, you may feel like your recovery efforts have gone to waste. However, this is not the case. With additional help, it’s still possible for you to establish a substance-free lifestyle. That’s true even if you’ve relapsed multiple times. 

What’s the best way to regain your recovery momentum if you have a history of multiple substance relapses? For many, the answer is to enter a long-term treatment program. As its name implies, this kind of program takes longer to complete than a standard course of rehab. In fact, you may be enrolled in long-term rehab for a year or even longer. This greatly expanded timeframe not only increases the duration of your treatment. It also allows you to make use of a wider range of recovery options.

Consult us today to learn more about Liberty Wellness’ long-term rehab program.

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Treating Co-Occurring Disorders at a Deptford Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

There is a well-established connection between your risks for addiction and your risks for other serious mental health issues. If you’re affected by addiction, you have increased chances of meeting the criteria for a separate mental illness. And if you’re affected by a mental illness, you have increased chances of meeting the criteria for addiction or dysfunctional substance abuse. Together, a diagnosable substance problem and a diagnosable mental illness act as co-occurring disorders. Another term for this combination of conditions is dual diagnosis. 

If you’re affected by co-occurring disorders, a stable recovery cannot be achieved unless you:

  • Get help for your specific substance problem
  • Also get help for the specific mental illness occurring alongside that problem

At Liberty Wellness, we specialize in the treatment of these intertwined conditions. With our help, you can return to stable function regardless of the specific illnesses present. Contact us today for more details.

Teen Addiction Recovery

The needs of teenagers in drug and alcohol treatment are not the same as the needs of adults. To support your child’s recovery, Liberty Wellness features a separate adolescent rehab program. This program can not only help your child regain their sobriety. In addition, it includes resources for the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Talk to us today to find out more. 

Addiction Aftercare Services

You can do a number of things to limit your relapse risks after completing substance rehab. One of the most important forms of relapse prevention is enrollment in an aftercare program. All programs of this type provide vital resources for the support of your ongoing abstinence. Find out more about Liberty Wellness’ robust aftercare services by consulting us today.

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Seek Help at Liberty Wellness’ Deptford Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Addiction is both chronic and complex. It also comes with a substantial risk of relapse. Nevertheless, today’s modern treatment options help make a return to lasting sobriety an achievable goal. The right kind of support will also help you recover from any co-occurring disorders. That’s true for both adults and teenagers.

Need an adult or teen treatment program in Deptford? Turn to the local experts at Liberty Wellness. We offer a full array of outpatient resources for the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. Choose from standard-length or long-term plans customized to fit the details of your situation. You can also take advantage of a wide range of secondary services that further enhance and enrich your sobriety efforts. We’re committed to nothing less than your complete, durable recovery. To get started, just contact us today by phone or through our online message form. 

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