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About Liberty Wellness

The caring treatment team at Liberty Wellness delivers compassionate and effective addiction services for men and women. Our premier addiction recovery facility offers custom treatment programs and plans to meet the unique needs of adults coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages.

The dedicated addiction professionals assess each client to ensure that each individual gets the exact treatment that they desperately need. Our peaceful location and warm staff immediately puts our clients at ease. This healing atmosphere is essential for someone about to embark on a life saving battle to overcome a specific addiction.

Any additional co-occurring mental health disorders are treated concurrently. This is not a one-size-fits-all style of addiction treatment. Those that come to Liberty Wellness will learn important and highly effective coping mechanisms to soundly defeat their addiction behaviors/urges for good.

Passionate addiction counselors and a highly skilled medical team combine forces to give each person the kind of deep support that they need while embarking on this rejuvenating life journey towards sobriety.

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It is common for addicted individuals to also have various mental, emotional, spiritual or physical problems. These often cause the individual to indulge in drugs or alcohol. Self treatment of deep seated pain is usually ineffective.

Our professionals address these inner needs. This program offers co-occurring disorder treatments. Skilled counselors can treat mental health disorders along with the drug and alcohol recovery regimen.

Start your healing journey towards hope and sobriety today. Get in touch with Liberty Wellness. Take that first important step now.


Our Treatment Programs

Our facility offers an intensive but customized treatment program. The program combines traditional addiction recovery methods with healthier holistic driven and remarkably successful addiction treatments.

Holistic treatment ensures that each individual is treated for their unique needs. The compassionate staff members work with every person to choose an appropriate treatment plan.

Top 5 Frequently asked questions

Liberty Wellness FAQs

What are the steps of the admissions process?

First call in or submit contact form through wendi widget or other contact form providing basic information.

Second we will verify your insurance or set up a payment plan for self pay. This can take up to 1 hr but generally will happen within 20 minutes.

Third, we will return call to provide explanation of benefits or to finalize a payment plan. 

Fourth we will schedule and perform a pre assessment asking more in depth clinical questions about substance usage, treatment history, co occurring conditions, medications that will be reviewed by our clinical director to make an assessment. 

Fifth We will schedule intake date and time and transportation if needed.

Does Liberty Wellness accept insurance?

 Yes, Liberty Wellness accepts Most commercial Insurance policies.

Is Liberty Wellness accredited?

We are a New Jersey state licensed substance abuse co-occurring treatment center, a part of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), and Joint Commission Accredited (JCAHO).

Do you offer financial assistance?

We offer partial scholarships and can develop a payment plan.

How is Liberty Wellness different from other programs?

Liberty Wellness focuses on holistic wellness by aiding individuals with learning how to live a more meaningful life beyond simply abstinence from substances. The program centers on spiritual wellness, relational wellness, physical wellness, vocational wellness, and recreational wellness. Liberty Wellness is a co-occurring program that additionally focuses on treatment underlying mental health disorders.

Liberty Wellness - Addiction Treatment Center in NJ - Company Logo
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We Accept Multiple Types of Insurance

Get help with payment for your Addiction rehab treatment. Liberty Wellness accepts multiple types of insurance and can help you verify if you will be accepted.

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