Addiction Intervention Services

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Addiction Intervention Services

Addiction Intervention isn’t about confrontation – it’s about finding solutions that work.

Interventions are a professionally directed education process resulting in a face to face meeting of family members, friends or employers with the person in crisis with alcohol or drugs.  The interventionist prepares the family, friends and employer for the addiction intervention. The interventionist provides education about addiction, creates an individualized plan for the intervention, and prepares treatment options for after the intervention. We will be by your side every step of the way.

Conveniently located in Camden County, Liberty Wellness provides addiction intervention services to South Jersey, North New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Maryland and surrounding areas. Our addiction intervention team will travel to you and create a plan in the comfort of your home. Call 833-LIBWELL today to learn more about how we can help you and your loved one’s with addiction intervention.

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What is an Interventionist?

Simply defined, an interventionist helps find the most appropriate people in the life of someone who is struggling with addiction, mental health issues, as well as behavioral problems. The interventionist provides this “team” with support, guidance, education, and training in order to enable their loved one to accept treatment. The interventionist is THE crucial link between the addict and his or her family, friends, and other support people. 

The interventionist must have the proper training certification to be an interventionist, and they must have a professional grasp of addiction and mental health. They must also be direct and honest with family members and friends and must put the client’s needs above anyone else. The interventionist will help and collaborate with family and friends to come up with the appropriate level of care, including New Jersey aftercare options.

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Meet Our Interventionist

Richard Mcilhenny is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP) and has been performing successful interventions since 2014. Being in long-term recovery and having personally learned the “hard way”, he understands the depths active addiction can take a person to. Richie is a true testament that someone struggling with addiction can turn their life around. He has the ability to find a common relation with almost everyone he works with and truly believes that EVERYONE is worthy of a clean and sober lifestyle. After deciding he wanted to make a difference, Richie hit the streets to help those in the down and out position he once found himself in. He is on a mission to guide those struggling with addiction and their families into the solution.

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Finding a solution that works

Why is it Important to Use Professional Interventionists?

You may be looking for addiction intervention services in New Jersey, but you wonder why using these professionals are important. As stated previously, the interventionist acts as the bridge between family and friends and the client. Importantly, the intervention specialist acts as a “voice of reason .”For those dealing with an addict, emotions can run very high and the situation can be volatile. If you tried to approach an addicted loved one without professional guidance, you might drive a deeper wedge between your loved one and your family. In fact, you may push them to the point of no return, and finding help can be impossible or next to impossible.

Intervention specialists are specifically trained to handle the often-delicate dynamics that exist between the addict and their family and friends. With the guidance and support of these specialists, family and friends understand their role in the development of the loved one’s addiction and can work together to come up with a treatment plan and aftercare program that can help their loved one. Also, the interventionist can also help family and friends develop a plan in the event their loved one refuses treatment.

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We Accept Multiple Types of Insurance

Get help with payment for your Addiction rehab treatment. We accept multiple types of insurance and can help you verify if your will be accepted.

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At Liberty Wellness, we understand that addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. We are dedicated to helping not just the one suffering from substance abuse, but the entire family during their healing process. Our family therapy program is designed to help the recovering addict and their family to address the specific issues they might face. Call or contact us today for more information on our family therapy program.