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Drug addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives. Substance abuse tears live apart regardless of age, socioeconomic background, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The devastating effects of drug abuse are felt nationwide in every city and state—including South Jersey. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, finding the proper help is a top priority. This article will provide a greater scope of drug addiction in South Jersey. 

You will also know where to find addiction treatment in South Jersey and the levels of care offered at these facilities.

Are you ready to break the vicious cycle of addiction once and for all? Liberty Wellness is an NJ rehab and top provider of addiction treatment services in South Jersey. Call us today and learn more about our treatment programs.

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Addiction in South Jersey

For those living in the counties and municipalities of South Jersey, the negative effects of drug addiction are all too real. The following statistics provided by the New Jersey Department of Health in 2020 paint a shocking picture:

  • There were 19,685 deaths due to drug addiction in South Jersey.
  • 15.9 percent of South Jersey residents 18 years and older reported engaging in binge drinking.
  • 6.8 percent of South Jersey residents 18 years and older reported engaging in chronic heavy drinking.

Additionally, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner reported 677 cases of death due to heroin overdose so far in 2022. 

The struggle with drug addiction is very real, and in many cases can be a fight between life and death. Don’t become another statistic; call Liberty Wellness right now and learn more about our evidence-based drug treatment programs.

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Are There Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in South Jersey?

Fighting an addiction to drugs and alcohol is hard enough, but finding drug treatment facilities in South Jersey can be tougher. If you have already started your search, you see countless facilities that offer many effective treatment programs and options. In your online research, phone calls, and visits to various South Jersey rehab, you may feel uncertain if a South Jersey rehab can help you address and overcome your addiction.

Fortunately, there are many South Jersey addiction treatment centers that provide effective treatment programs and services. While finding professional help is your top priority, you must do due diligence in finding the right program that fits your unique needs. When looking for the right treatment program in South Jersey, keep the following tips in mind:

  • The facility that you visit needs to provide a safe and secure environment. Whether you are attending residential or outpatient treatment, the facility must be clean and have up-to-date amenities. Importantly, the facility must have a zero-tolerance policy regarding substances on campus and in the facility.
  • The facility must have proper and current accreditation. This accreditation shows they are following the best standards of practice in delivering quality treatment services. The accreditations you need to see include the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).
  • The best facilities have a proven track record of success and have been in operation for several years. These facilities have case studies and testimonials showing the effectiveness of the services they provide.
  • The best facilities also offer multiple levels of care. Drug treatment is not “one size fits all.” Rehabs that employ a “cookie-cutter” approach will have programs that fail to address all aspects of addiction. As a result, you have a greater chance of relapse, and this makes the vicious cycle of addiction much worse and more difficult to treat.

If you have further questions on drug treatment and what type of programs are right for you, call Liberty Wellness today. 

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What Levels of Treatment Are in South Jersey?

As stated in the previous section, drug treatment isn’t a “one size fits all” proposition. You have unique and specific needs in treatment. Therefore, drug treatment facilities must feature different levels of care to address those needs. We currently do not offer detoxification or inpatient treatment, however, we work with trusted partners and will do the work to find you the best options that meet your personal needs. The following are the levels of care that should be available to you at a South Jersey addiction treatment center:

Medical Detoxification

Medical detoxification is an essential component of treatment. Under the strict supervision of medical personnel, the detox process will help you gradually wean off of substances and will help make withdrawal symptoms more tolerable. Staff will utilize a variety of interventions such as medication management, nutritional therapy, and other interventions that will allow you to get both mentally and physically stable. Medical staff will also perform a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint any underlying medical and mental health issues that may complicate recovery.

Inpatient Treatment

A South Jersey rehab will also feature inpatient treatment programs that are evidence-based and extensively tested. Treatment staff will work with each client in developing an individualized treatment plan that utilizes a wide variety of programs and services, such as the following:

  • individual and group therapy
  • life and skills training
  • holistic therapies
  • 12-step group support

Depending on the severity of your addiction, South Jersey addiction treatment centers offer 30, 60, and 90-day rehab programs. Some rehabs, they may offer programs lasting longer than 90 days.

Outpatient Treatment

For those unable to commit to an inpatient program due to work and family obligations, addiction treatment in South Jersey offers outpatient treatment programs. These programs provide the same evidence-based treatment services as inpatient programs but have the flexibility to be offered during the day or nighttime hours. Clients will attend programming 2-3 times a week for several hours each session. As people progress through an outpatient treatment program, the frequency and duration of sessions can be stepped down. On average, these programs last 3-8 months. 

Dual Diagnosis

South Jersey addiction treatment centers offer dual diagnosis treatment programs for those with co-occurring mental illnesses along with a substance abuse program. These specialized programs allow collaboration between addiction treatment and mental health professionals. Together, they design personalized programs that allow clients the space and support needed to address their co-occurring issues while gaining the skills and support they need to better manage their condition.


Aftercare programs are another crucial level of care found in addiction treatment in South Jersey. Aftercare focuses on relapse prevention once people complete an intensive program and are transitioning back to their normal daily lives. These programs feature 12-step recovery programs, individual and group therapy, medication management, workshops, educational and employment resources, and sober living.

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Finding South Jersey Rehab Programs

Finding the right South Jersey rehab will give you the tools and support needed to find long-term sobriety. With many treatment facilities making claims of the effectiveness of their treatment programs, you must look beyond the headlines and bullet points and find a facility with a proven track record of success. 

As one of the premier rehabs in New Jersey, Liberty Wellness has evidence-based programs, empowering environment, and experienced staff to help make a recovery a reality.

We offer a wide range of personalized New Jersey outpatient programs to meet your unique and specific needs. Liberty Wellness will give you the tools to motivate and inspire you to rise above and break free from the shackles of addiction, from outpatient and long-term rehab to intervention services, rehab transport, and even online rehab.

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