Doomscrolling is Threatening Mental Health

While I was going through chemotherapy, there were many nights I would lie awake praying for sleep that never came. The illness, the fear, but most of all the steroids kept me up. So in these eternal hours of the night, I would sometimes pray and listen to meditation...

Supporting Addicted Loved Ones: 6 Ways to Help

The world has been turned upside down, as of late. Between COVID-19 and the social injustices pervading our country, life seems unrecognizable, unfair and uncertain. But sometimes you have to tear something down to rebuild it even stronger. A deconstruction is...

Addiction Treatment Evolves during COVID-19

Throughout life, the course of evolution has always been an inevitable one. When faced with change, humanity is forced to adapt and survive. At our core, we’re all trying to survive, really. Some days we’re either treading water, gasping for air or blissfully floating...

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