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Individual Addiction Counseling & Treatment Plans in Berlin, NJ

At Liberty Wellness, located in New Jersey, we help local residents and others from states like New York and Maryland by offering individualized addiction counseling and treatment plans. Our counseling and substance abuse treatment plans deal with both the physical and mental health effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Each client will meet weekly for their individual counseling and treatment in Berlin, NJ, with their primary therapist for individual sessions throughout our intensive outpatient program and outpatient programs.

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Liberty Wellness of New Jersey Makes Your Journey To Recovery As Stress-Free As Possible.

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Benefits of Individualized Treatment Plans for Addiction

Experts who operate the addictions treatment programs at our individual addiction counseling and treatment centers in Berlin, NJ, strongly recommend an individualized approach when deciding on treatment options. A few of the benefits include:

  • Identifying/addressing any physical conditions or diseases that may occur alongside a case of addiction
  • Treating all types of addiction: physical, mental (co-occurring), social, and spiritual
  • Creates multiple therapy options that work in different manners
  • Allows anybody access to some form of addiction therapy that may work for them
  • Assesses any psychological problems that contribute to addiction and works to eliminate them

In addition to these benefits, our individual addiction counseling and treatment programs can also lower the chances of relapsing. Research shows that about 40-60% of people relapse, so when a treatment plan is tailored specifically for the client’s needs and concerns, they will be better equipped to navigate the road to recovery.

Furthermore, while Liberty Wellness offers individual addiction counseling and treatment at our Berlin, NJ, location, we also serve patients from around the country. Some of our patients come from other states to enroll in our DBT Therapy, motivational interviewing interventions, and other programs. These residents are from: Connecticut, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia.

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Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Plans

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) programs are short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatments performed by a CBT Therapist that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. CBT Therapists help change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind people’s difficulties and so change the way they feel during cognitive behavioral therapy programs.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) programs for people struggling with substance abuse problems are a way to achieve self-acceptance while simultaneously accepting the need for change. There are four basic aspects to DBT therapy: mindfulness, interpersonal relations, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.

Motivational Interviewing Interventions for Substance Abuse is a collaborative and goal-oriented treatment practice for strengthening motivation and commitment to a particular goal (recovery). Our motivational intervention techniques pull from various therapeutic styles and theories such as humanistic therapy, cognitive dissonance theory, therapeutic relationship building, stages of change models, and positive psychology.

Together, the client and therapist use reasons for change directed by the patient to address ambivalence and turn the desired goal into reality during our motivational interviewing for substance abuse.

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) teaches family and friends effective strategies for helping their loved one throughout the treatment process. Through community reinforcement and family training, a loved one’s behavior can change by altering how the family interacts with them.

Seeking Safety – Seeking Safety is a present-focused therapy that helps clients attain safety from trauma (including PTSD) and substance abuse by emphasizing coping skills for drug cravings, grounding techniques, and education.

Family Counseling and Therapy for Substance Abuse Addiction: Families are also deeply affected when their loved ones have a problem with addiction. A close network of loved ones can play an important role in the treatment of substance abuse with a family counseling for addiction program. Family therapy and recovery are offered to help individual members of the family heal and recover together. There are many benefits to family therapy for substance abuse, primarily when used in an addiction counseling treatment setting. Some of the advantages of family counseling for addiction include:

  • Keeping your loved ones motivated and engaged during treatment.
  • Learning about addiction and its effect on the family, as well as understanding how treatment works and what to expect when it’s over.
  • Allows family members to ask questions, voice their concerns and keep updated about their loved one’s addiction.
  • Offers their loved one a high level of support.
  • Improvements in family communication skills.

Our New Jersey Addiction Counseling Professionals Can Help You

Our dedicated professionals offer high-quality individual addiction counseling and treatment plans to local residents in and around Berlin, NJ, as well as individuals from as far as Connecticut and Ohio. We also offer other services, including medical addiction treatment plans, intervention planning, and rehab transportation.

Don’t wait to take the first steps towards a more fulfilling life; call or contact us now to schedule a confidential, personal tour and consultation. Start your road to recovery with our dialectical behavior therapy and individualized treatment plans for addiction today.

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