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Little Egg Harbor Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

No matter where you go in New Jersey, you’ll find communities touched by addiction. That includes smaller municipalities like Little Egg Harbor. In the typical year, hundreds of the township’s residents seek treatment for drug or alcohol problems. And without doubt, many more who need help have yet to enter a suitable recovery program. This is unfortunate, since today’s treatment options can help you overcome any addiction-related challenge.

Do you or your loved one need addiction treatment in Little Egg Harbor? Call on the trusted experts at Liberty Wellness. Every day, our dedicated addiction professionals provide state-of-the-art services to people across New Jersey. No matter your situation, our extensive customization and specialized programs help bring a truly effective recovery process within reach.

Liberty Wellness is a New Jersey addiction treatment program that offers service to Little Egg Harbor and the surrounding area. Contact us today to speak to our admissions team and to learn more about our New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab center.

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Different Options

The Modern Approach to Addiction Treatment in Little Egg Harbor

Through decades of research and clinical practice, addiction specialists have learned a great deal about how to treat substance problems. In the 21st century, they’ve developed a number of principles to help guide modern addiction care. Among other things, these principles:

  • Acknowledge addiction as a chronic brain disease prone to relapse
  • Further, acknowledge that addiction is treatable despite its chronic nature
  • Highlight the importance of staying in treatment for long enough to get as great a benefit as possible
  • Note the need to customize all addiction recovery plans rather than treating everyone the same
  • Emphasize the leading role of behavior psychotherapy in customized recovery plans
  • Point to the use of medication as a crucial addition to therapy in certain forms of addiction treatment 

The ways you habitually think, feel, and act have a tremendous influence on your addiction risks. In behavioral psychotherapy, the goal is to minimize your risks by abandoning unhealthy habits and developing healthier substitutes for them. Specific behavioral options that can help you achieve this goal include:

  • CBT, or cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy
  • Community reinforcement 
  • Family therapy

The right therapy can help you meet your recovery milestones during treatment. It can also help you establish a long-term sober lifestyle.

Compared to the number of available therapy options for addiction treatment, there are relatively few medication options. However, well-researched options for the treatment of certain substance problems do exist. One such problem is an addiction to opioids or opiates. Another is alcoholism.

Have more questions about modern principles and options for addiction treatment? Talk to the experienced specialists at Liberty Wellness today.

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An Outpatient Model for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Little Egg Harbor

Addiction can range in severity from mild to severe. People with severe symptoms typically need inpatient treatment and its 24/7 services. You may also need inpatient care if you have milder symptoms but lack a stable home environment. But in any other circumstances, an outpatient program may be a better fit for your needs.

To allow for sufficient customization and differences in individual needs, outpatient care can take multiple forms, including:

  • PHPs, or partial hospitalization programs
  • IOPs, or intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient programs

Two main factors determine which of these options will work best for you. The first of these factors is where your symptoms fall on the spectrum of mild to moderate to severe. The second is the relative stability of your mental and physical health. 

At Liberty Wellness, we feature outpatient, IOP, and PHP services. To find out more about outpatient alcohol rehab or outpatient drug rehab in Little Egg Harbor, contact us today.

Long-Term Treatment and Relapse Recovery

Ideally, once you start substance treatment, you’ll remain sober for the rest of your life. However, like any chronic illness, addiction comes with an inherent risk for a relapse. In fact, roughly half of all people who seek treatment will relapse somewhere along their recovery journey. 

A relapse is best viewed as a setback to your recovery, not as an end to your abstinence efforts. With enough support, you can get your sobriety back on track and lower your risks for future relapse events. You’ll find this support in Liberty Wellness’ long-term treatment program. Unlike the typical course of rehab, this program lasts for at least a full year. It also includes an expanded range of primary and secondary recovery services. Consult us today for more information.

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Dual Diagnosis Resources at a Little Egg Harbor Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

By modern definition, substance addiction is a mental health disorder. Some people in recovery have no additional mental health issues. However, such issues often go hand in hand with addiction. If your substance problems are accompanied by depression or any other illness, you need additional help during rehab. Otherwise, your recovery may come to a standstill. An effective treatment plan takes this into account and provides extra services for the specific illness affecting you. 

At Liberty Wellness, we have extensive experience treating mental illnesses that accompany addiction. Want to know more about our comprehensive approach to your recovery? Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to answer your questions.

Teenagers who use drugs or alcohol are even more susceptible to addiction than adults. And once addiction is present, age-specific methods are required to support effective recovery. Liberty Wellness understands the needs of teens with substance problems. We feature an onsite program specifically designed for adolescents with substance problems. Contact us today for details.

Completion of a rehab program does not mark the conclusion of your recovery. To avoid a relapse following treatment, you must continue to actively maintain your sobriety. Liberty Wellness’ aftercare services are designed with this essential task in mind. Talk to us today to learn more about sober living homes, life skills training, and other available options. 

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Get the Help You Need at Liberty Wellness’ Little Egg Harbor Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Addiction recovery is no simple task. It takes persistence and effort to reach a sober state. And it takes even more effort to maintain that state or successfully recover from a relapse. Today’s state-of-the-art treatment options can help you reach your recovery goals. That’s true whether you’re trying to get sober for the first time or seeking to reestablish your sobriety after experiencing a setback. 

Looking for a Little Egg Harbor drug and alcohol rehab center that fits your unique needs? Liberty Wellness is a premier provider of outpatient services for both teenagers and adults. Our customized, high-quality treatment plans are designed to support effective recovery in a vast range of circumstances. And we use the same focused, caring approach to address the mental health issues common to those affected by substance problems. Ready to get your recovery underway? Just contact us today by phone or our convenient online message form.

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