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Online Rehab Center

At Liberty Wellness, we offer the most confidential and private way to get help, and that can be from the comfort of your own home. Our licensed professionals are able to help recovering addicts at the convenience of getting help from their homes. When necessary, we are able to offer our services virtually as an online rehab center. Our online addiction treatment programs are flexible, convenient, and effective.

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Liberty Wellness of New Jersey Makes Your Journey To Recovery As Stress-Free As Possible.

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Outpatient Online Rehab Center

With the help and advances in telehealth technology, clients no longer have to meet with our healthcare professionals in person. Online rehab is always an option, and we are able to provide you with the services you need and deserve.

Virtual rehab can be done through smart phones, tablets, computers, desktops, or any other device with an internet connection and camera. Individuals are able to participate from home, and schedules run similarly to how they would in person.

Our online rehab center services include, but are not limited to:

  • IOP (Intensive Outpatient Rehab)
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Co-occurring Disorder Treatment
  • Seeking Safety Therapy
  • Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Addiction Treatment Programs

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How Does Online Rehab Work?

In many respects, the online rehab center is similar to in-person inpatient or outpatient treatment in NJ. In a New Jersey virtual rehab program, the client will take part in mandatory online meetings. With virtual rehab programs, the dates and times of these meetings are flexible and work around each client’s daily schedule. Like in-person New Jersey rehab, online rehab offers a variety of therapy modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy.  

At our virtual rehab center, we offer individual online therapy sessions weekly as well as family sessions. In order to take part in virtual rehab, you will need a reliable internet connection and a camera in order to be able to participate in these sessions. An online rehab is an excellent option for those who can’t take part in traditional in-person rehab due to everyday work and family obligations, travel issues, and COVID-19 concerns. It is important to note that online programs are taught by licensed and certified addiction treatment professionals and are offered only at facilities that have the appropriate and current national and state licenses.

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Benefits of Online Rehab


One of the main reasons why the online rehab center is beneficial is the accessibility. This makes it a lot easier for individuals who live far from treatment centers or those who cannot arrange child care or transportation. (However, please note that we do provide rehab transportation services.)

High-Quality Experience

Our virtual experience parallels our in-person experience, and clients will get the same level of care and treatment as they would if they were in person. During our online rehab sessions, we address co-occurring mental health issues and provide our clients with the professional help and support that they need.


By using technology that you are already familiar with, you can easily access our addiction treatment programs in just a few clicks. Be sure to have a camera and microphone on whatever device you are using, and proper internet access. Our online rehab centers are stress free and can be a great option for people who cannot access transportation or our meetings do not fit with your schedule.

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Can Online Rehab Help Me?

Liberty Wellness realizes there are situations that may prevent you from attending an in-person inpatient or outpatient treatment program. In the past few years—and especially since COVID-19—an increasing number of treatment facilities, such as Liberty Wellness, offer virtual rehab. Online rehab is effective, easily accessible, and high quality. Our New Jersey online rehab programs are very flexible and have the ability to work around your busy schedule. If you live in a rural area or have a disability that prevents you from coming to our facility in person, virtual rehab can be a great option. 

You and all clients receive the same evidence-based treatment as you would in person, and you would be receiving this high-quality care in the comfort of your own home. Fighting addiction is already tough, and our goal is to make it as comfortable as possible for you and all of our clients.

Our New Jersey Online Rehab Program Can Help You

At Liberty Wellness in Berlin, NJ, we deliver compassionate and effective addiction services. We have dedicated addiction professionals that assess each individual to ensure they get the right treatment for them. Are you ready to get help for your addiction? At Liberty Wellness, we have a comprehensive online program, and we are here to support you. Get in touch with Liberty Wellness to schedule a confidential, personal tour and consultation. Take the first important step towards recovery now.
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We Accept Multiple Types of Insurance

Get help with payment for your Addiction rehab treatment. We accept multiple types of insurance and can help you verify if you will be accepted.

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