What Are the Types of Recovery Aftercare?


Treatment and the needs of clients in treatment are unique to the individual. When it comes to the types of recovery aftercare, they are as varied as the styles of initial treatment. Aftercare rehabs are designed to provide continued support for clients at their level of need.

At Liberty Wellness, our clients can focus on their individual growth toward sobriety goals by focusing on their mental and physical health progress. Our New Jersey addiction treatment programs provide counseling support and recommendations for continued treatment following our intensive outpatient program graduation.

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What is Recovery Aftercare?

Recovery aftercare is another step in the addiction treatment program. When individuals complete detoxification and their initial treatment programs, they are recommended graduation from the program and continue recovery aftercare. Recovery aftercare is an essential next step for clients who are willing to continue down their recovery path. 

Recovery aftercare reinforces and supports clients’ progress toward their sobriety goals. This step in treatment for clients is designed to support their sobriety while also encouraging them to return to or redesign the lifestyle they want. Aftercare treatment can occur as needed or be regulated by a medical professional to support consistency and progress. 

What Are the Benefits of Aftercare When Treatment Ends?

Addiction aftercare programs offer several benefits when it comes to aftercare treatment. Those who choose a specific type of recovery aftercare can receive specialty-designed treatment relevant to their goals. Aftercare rehab provides counseling, career and life skills, and community-building support.

The first and arguably most beneficial aspect of aftercare treatment is the availability of individualized counseling. Continued individualized counseling is essential for clients following addiction treatment. Through this process, individuals can continue addressing the root cause of their addiction and other mental health concerns arising from or due to substance abuse.

Another positive and beneficial aspect of aftercare rehab programs is the availability of career and life skills training. The educational and supportive aspects of aftercare revolve around the supportive and healing nature of recovery and learning post-treatment. For many, this process provides invaluable support in finding a job and rebuilding a life they are proud of.

Finally, community building is an essential benefit of aftercare. Addiction treatment can sometimes feel isolating and be a struggle for individuals. This is partly due to the changes from one lifestyle to another and partly due to the tricks the brain plays on a person while in recovery. Aftercare is an essential step in the recovery process as it is often close to home for a client and provides an opportunity to build a community with people with similar goals and a deeper understanding of addiction than others. The community-building aspect of aftercare treatment is an essential step towards a better and more stable sober lifestyle.

What Are the Types of Recovery Aftercare?

There are multiple types of recovery aftercare, each based on the client’s unique needs in that stage of recovery. Some aftercare programs are designed as outpatient treatment centers, and some are simply individualized and group counseling centers, while other options include independently run Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Choosing the aftercare rehab program best for you or your loved one is essential for your personal growth.

Our New Jersey outpatient rehab center offers extensive addiction aftercare programming. Often designed as part of their process for recovery, these aftercare rehab programs support clients with individualized and group therapy options. This promotes individual mental health and group processing and maintains support for individuals when they struggle with sobriety.

Individualized and group counseling centers offer support to clients while helping them address their addiction and mental health care through talk therapies and cognitive behavioral therapies that make them challenge their opposing beliefs.

Another type of recovery aftercare is through alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous. These groups provide a 12-step program for a successful recovery from substance abuse. This program is designed to provide clients with a supportive community while helping them focus on their personal growth through a series of steps that support their progress.

How to Find Relapse Prevention and Aftercare in New Jersey

Liberty Wellness NJ offers several relapse prevention and aftercare treatments that support client goals and progress toward sobriety.

At Liberty Wellness, our unique programming is designed to support particular communities like teen addiction and family groups struggling with addiction. The supportive nature of our counseling is backed by medical professionals that can support medication-assisted treatment options. 

We also offer multiple pathways to attendance in an aftercare program that promotes individual success. Clients who choose Liberty Wellness NJ can work on aftercare rehab that supports their health and well-being.

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