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Our addiction recovery center offers a new chance at leading full and enjoyable lives free from the destructive influences of drugs or alcohol. We are here for family members that have someone close struggling with these issues too. Our giant network of experienced addiction counselors, other therapists and various additional support staff members are available to speak with anyone desiring a fresh start without being dependent on drugs or alcohol. Healing the inner self is a huge part of reversing the long years of hiding those hard-to-bear feelings behind drugs and/or alcohol usage. Those that come to Liberty Wellness will find a nurturing and safe environment amidst people that truly desire each person’s well being.

It is important to mention that many have already walked this drug free path using our tried and true treatment methods. Our group and individual counseling and skill building sessions do not consist solely of passively listening to long speeches. You will be encouraged to interact with our warm and friendly staff, and most people find great comfort knowing that they are not alone in this life altering struggle. Our team uses lively shorter group sessions that are informative and relevant to most people’s recovery status. When you elect to enter Liberty Wellness, be prepared for intriguing educational and practical sessions that often include fun activities like games, outdoor activities, art classes, motivational speakers, reading times and so much more.

If you come to our beautiful center, expect to have your outlook on life dramatically changed for the better. Our network of capable counselors, addiction educators, expert nurses, recreational therapists and others are awaiting your call. 

Call us today to find out how our impressive addiction recovery program can help you or a loved one to break addiction’s chains to live sober lifestyles one-day-at-a-time.


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