How to Find an IOP Rehab Near Me


Most people know what rehab is and that it is necessary for addiction recovery, but understanding the different types of addiction treatment programs makes it easier to find the right type of treatment for your or your loved one’s unique addiction. The right rehab program can make the difference between entering recovery and staying sober, and the potential to relapse and start using drugs and alcohol again. In fact, rehab is always the best way to stop using drugs and alcohol safely and has the best chances of long-term sobriety and returning to an everyday life. 

At Liberty Wellness, we understand the importance of rehab and finding the right program that works for you. In this post, we will discuss a New Jersey intensive outpatient program, what IOP addiction treatment is and how it works, who can benefit most from it, and how to find IOP “near me.” 

What is IOP? 

IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient treatment. It refers to a type of rehab treatment program that is available for some people suffering from addiction. Intensive outpatient treatment is a more serious form of standard outpatient treatment. 

Outpatient treatment is a type of rehab in which the client comes to a treatment facility to attend counseling and other forms of treatment and is then allowed to leave to return to their normal day-to-day life. With a standard outpatient program, the client visits the treatment center just a few times a week and has minimal supervision when not in treatment. 

An intensive outpatient program has the same components as a standard program, only the sessions of treatment are much more frequent. This requires the client to come for treatment 4-5 times per week, sometimes for longer sessions. There is also more oversight with more frequent check-ins with counselors to make sure that the person is adhering to the guidelines of treatment and staying sober. While more intense, it allows for a certain level of freedom while undergoing addiction treatment with some level of accountability that other options don’t allow for. 

What Are the Benefits of IOP Treatment? 

There are many specific benefits to IOP treatment that certain types of addiction clients may take advantage of. 

Access to Personalized Care

Even though the treatment is outpatient, you still have access to a customized treatment plan and the personalized attention and care that you need for your unique addiction. While most people think that rehab means you have to stay at a facility to get precise care, that is not the case. IOP care is just as personalized and comprehensive as other types of care. 

Freedom to Leave 

One of the most important benefits of intensive outpatient treatment is the fact that you can get the addiction treatment you need and still be able to return home once your treatment sessions are complete. This is more conducive to a normal life and lets people go about their day without having to worry about their addiction recovery. 

Support and Accountability 

While in an intensive outpatient program, you still have access to all the support services of the treatment facility, even when you leave and go home. This means that if you have an issue with treatment, feel like you may relapse, or have other issues, you still have someone there to help. Along with that is added supervision and accountability to stay sober and ensure that you follow the treatment plan.

Who Benefits Most From IOP Rehabs? 

While IOP rehabs have many benefits, certain clients benefit the most from them. 

In particular, those that have their addiction well managed and do not have a history of relapse are good candidates for IOP rehabs. 

Those who need the support and structure of a more intense rehab program while still managing to get the freedom they need to work, attend school, or take care of children benefit the most from this type of treatment program. 

Those who have relapsed, who want privacy, or who have medical needs should opt for other treatment programs instead of outpatient programs. 

How to Find an IOP Rehab Near Me

If you are looking for an IOP rehab “near me” for yourself or a loved one, you can spend a long time searching through other treatment centers and programs, or you can come to Liberty Wellness. 

Liberty Wellness’s drug and alcohol rehab in Berlin is focused on treating the addiction and not the symptoms while working with the client to develop the skills they need to cope and not return to addictive behavior. Once your treatment is over, we even provide access to other programs and services such as relapse prevention, sober living, and wellness. Don’t wait to find the rehab treatment you or your loved one need; contact Liberty Wellness today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs in NJ.

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