How to Plan an Intervention for a Drug Addict?


Dealing with a friend or family member who is addicted to drugs is a very challenging situation. However, if you’ve never been addicted yourself, it can be difficult to understand and empathize with the situation and the struggles that go along with addiction. This is why it is hard for many to get their loved ones to seek help and even harder for those with an addiction to accept the fact they truly do need help. If you know that a loved one has an addiction and want to find the best way to get them help, then learning how to plan an intervention for a drug addict can go a long way to help. 

At Liberty Wellness, we know the importance of getting treatment for addiction, but getting a person to accept help is not always easy. In this post, we are going to discuss the role of a drug interventionist, How to plan an intervention for substance abuse, the keys to a successful intervention, and how to find professional interventionists in New Jersey.

What is the Role of an Intervention For Drugs? 

When you have a loved one that is dealing with an addiction, the only thing you want for them is to get help with their addiction. However, many times the person with the addiction doesn’t know how to get help or doesn’t realize the harm that their addiction is causing to themselves and their friends. 

An intervention for drugs ultimate goal is to get a person with a drug addiction to seek treatment. This is done by surrounding them with friends and loved ones and pointing out the damage that their addiction has caused in a calm and supportive manner. Often, the way we confront a person with an addiction can change the outcome of their journey from continuing to use to getting help and living a life of sobriety free of drugs. 

An intervention is essentially the first step a person takes before they enter treatment, and with the help and support of friends and family, they can start the journey of recovery.

How to Plan a Drug Intervention 

Planning a drug intervention is not exactly a simple endeavor. The first thing to think about is where to hold the intervention. You want to ensure that it is held in a safe and neutral space that is welcoming to everyone involved. 

Next, you’ll want to gather the participants, including friends and loved ones of the person addicted, then the person themselves. 

You should have a plan for how the flow of the intervention will go, including who will speak when, a general order of what will be said, and who will control the conversation. Planning all the details and knowing what to do can be a bit overwhelming. 

Sometimes it’s a good idea to bring in a professional drug interventionist to help organize and guide the entire intervention, so that you can focus on doing what is necessary to get your loved one the help they need and what to do after the intervention is complete.

What Are the Keys to a Successful Drug Intervention? 

There are a few things to remember to make the most of your drug intervention and make it as successful as possible. 

It’s important to choose a location where everyone can meet that is safe and welcoming. 

It’s important to gather those that your loved one’s addiction has impacted, but make sure that everyone is there to be loving and supportive. 

Stay on message; sharing the pain and anguish that addiction has caused is an important part of the process. While it is important to remain supportive, it is equally important to give each person the opportunity to share and to try and get the addicted person to understand how they have hurt their loved ones. 

Once everyone else has spoken, it’s important to give time for responses and to plan the next steps if the person agrees to get the help they need.

How to Find Professional Interventionists in New Jersey 

If you’re looking for that little bit of extra help with holding an intervention, then the folks here at Liberty Wellness can help. We are a licensed treatment facility with a range of programs to tackle any type of drug addiction. 

We can help link you up with professional interventionists to give you that extra assistance you need to make your intervention a success and get your loved one treatment. Once your intervention is complete, the next step is to send your loved one to our Jersey treatment facility, where they will get personalized care, including outpatient treatment, family therapy, co-occurring disorder treatment, and long-term rehab. We aim to provide the treatment your loved one needs to get them sober for the long term with the best chances of returning to a successful normal life. If your loved one needs help with their addiction, contact Liberty Wellness today.

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