What Are the Behavioral Signs of Addiction?


While addiction to substances is not uncommon, many individuals don’t know how to identify the signs of addictive behavior. They overlook common indicators of addiction as other environmental or mental health changes and often look at substances as a last, instead of a first, resort.

At Liberty Wellness, we support individuals through recovery by addressing addiction’s physical, mental, and behavioral signs. Our comprehensive programming supports clients through a progressive treatment process that promotes individual growth and goal-setting.

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What Causes Addiction?

Several factors directly impact the likelihood of an individual developing an addiction. Individuals exposed to addiction at a young age can have a genetic predisposition to addiction, and individuals who misuse substances are at a higher risk for developing an addiction.

Exposure to addiction at a young age, environmental exposure, can create a mindset that negates safe use and the importance of following usage guidelines. Additionally, a large percentage of individuals who are exposed to substance abuse at a young age are more economically disadvantaged. Individuals exposed to substance abuse and economic disadvantage have a more difficult time breaking out of the stigma and cycle of abuse.

Genetic predisposition is also possible with addiction. Individuals with a biological parent who is an addict are more likely to develop an addiction than those without addicted biological parents. Several genes in the body have been linked to alcohol and even tobacco. While this predisposition does not guarantee an individual will become addicted, it makes it more likely that an individual also uses substances unsafely.

The cause of addiction that impacts most people is hazardous use. Individuals who misuse substances have a much higher risk of addiction and unwanted side effects. Overdosing on substances is one of the nation’s top killers. Misuse of a substance is when an individual takes too much, takes it too frequently, takes it without following the prescribing rules, steals it, or takes it without following the age requirements. While some of these factors may not seem as severe as the rest, this is how individuals become addicted to substances without knowing they have a problem.

How Does Addiction Impact a Person?

Addiction is not an immediate process, so it is easy to see how individuals slowly change over time and don’t see the problems that substances are causing them. 

Addiction can impact every aspect of an individual’s life. There are physical, mental, emotional, social, and behavioral changes that occur with increasing use. While the individual themself may not notice the changes, people around them will see more extreme changes as an individual’s use continues to worsen. 

What Are the Behavioral Signs of Addiction?

The behavioral signs of addiction are some of the more apparent changes individuals will have as they develop an addiction. There will be behavioral changes within their home, work, or school life, and they will also have changes in their recreation and social lives. 

Individuals at home are often the first to see behavioral changes due to addiction. An individual will typically become less reliable and unable to pull their weight. They may let responsibilities lapse or cause financial trouble with their irresponsibility. 

Work or school individuals will normally see an uptick in absences, lack of participation, and even an increased or significantly changed behavior profile. At work, individuals may notice the addict is more aggressive and pushy, or they are more apathetic and less likely to complete their work.

Lastly, individuals are likely to have significant changes in social and recreational activities. This can be through changes in friend groups, changes in participation in special activities, and changes in reactions to those around them. These changes are often noticed first but typically overlooked as changes due to another reason.

How to Find Addiction Treatment Near You

If you feel that you or a loved one have significant behavioral signs of addiction, it is time to search for treatment near you. Start your search with Liberty Wellness.

Liberty Wellness is the perfect place to start your healing journey. Our treatments center around compassionate care and holistic healing. We offer multiple pathways for rehabilitation. Individuals can progress through the most restrictive to least restrictive treatment styles as they progress in their sobriety. 

Our New Jersey outpatient rehab center focuses on supporting individuals with significant behavioral changes due to substance abuse. We help individuals on their journey to a better self through multiple therapy styles. 

Learn more about the indicators of addiction at Liberty Wellness.

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