What Causes Withdrawal?


At Liberty Wellness, we work with individuals to create a safe and supportive environment for recovery. Through creating a comprehensive treatment program, clients at our New Jersey treatment center can find support in addressing their withdrawal symptoms and working toward a healthy recovery.

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What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction occurs when an individual must use a substance, regardless of the adverse outcomes or side effects they experience. Individuals addicted to substances transitioned from moderate to problematic use, where they developed their addiction due to misuse. 

Moderate or inconsistent use opens the body up to the substance’s potential. This can create a dangerous position for the body. When the body accepts the substance, it will respond more quickly when misuse occurs. 

Problematic use, or consistent use with the ability to stop, exposes the body consistently to the substance. This stage of addiction opens the body to develop a tolerance to the substance. When an individual develops a tolerance, they must use more of the drug to receive the same high. This process is often directly connected to dependence.

Dependence is linked directly to addiction. When an individual becomes dependent on a drug, they need the drug to feel their version of normal, or at least not worse. The presence of feeling worse after a drug wears off indicates that addiction has begun. This can occur through the misuse of too much or the combination of contraindicated substances.

When an individual feels worse following a high, that is the beginning stage of withdrawal, where the body has processed enough of the drug out of the body to indicate that more is needed.

What is Drug Withdrawal?

Drug withdrawal occurs when an individual stops using an addictive drug. This can knowingly or unknowingly occur following problematic to addictive use. Clients who actively struggle with addiction are more likely to have severe drug withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. However, individuals experiencing problematic use of a substance or even addictive prescription medication can also expect to experience minor withdrawal symptoms following use. 

Drug withdrawal occurs when the body has processed enough of the drug out of the system for the body to notice the lack of the substance. When an individual is addicted, this lack of substance creates unease in the body, making the body crave the missing aspect.

What Are the Most Common Withdrawal Signs?

There are several common withdrawal signs that individuals struggle with. While they vary based on the type of drug, individuals often have a combination of psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms that impact how they process through the lack of substance in their system.

The mental symptoms of withdrawal can be some of the most complex and damaging, combating the physical in a way that overwhelms the senses. Common withdrawal symptoms affecting an individual’s mental capacity are anxiety, depression, mood swings, and cravings. Individuals can expect to struggle with the psychological symptoms of withdrawal immediately. These symptoms are often the first to show up and the last to be alleviated.

Physically, clients can experience a range of symptoms related directly to the individual substance they abused. During withdrawal, physical symptoms can range from mild to severe. At the same time, some people experience low-level symptoms that resemble the flu, including nausea, exhaustion, and headaches. Others might experience moderate symptoms like restlessness, inability to sleep, racing heart, uncontrollable movement, and changes in appetite. However, severe withdrawal symptoms can include hallucinations, difficulty breathing, seizures, coma, and death. 

How to Find a Comprehensive Drug Detox Program in New Jersey

Liberty Wellness is a rehabilitation facility with a comprehensive drug detox program in New Jersey. Our facility is designed to provide the most supportive care for individuals struggling with addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Through our treatment process, clients can access individualized counseling, group therapy, and family therapy options that promote life-long sobriety with long-term treatment options. 

Clients who utilize treatment with Liberty Wellness have access to more than just the typical. We offer a combination of physical and mental health treatments that address addiction and common co-occurring mental health disorders that often make individuals relapse. Through therapy with our intensive programming, clients receive care from compassionate medical professionals dedicated to supportive treatment. Don’t struggle with your withdrawal symptoms alone. Contact Liberty Wellness today and learn more about our outpatient drug rehab in New Jersey.

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