Are There Outpatient Rehabs in Berlin, NJ?


We all know that to properly treat addiction, treatment is necessary. Not everyone may know that you have choices when it comes to the type of rehab you enter. Whereas most of the time, when we think of rehab, we think of a person staying at a rehab facility and getting treatment, or what is known as inpatient rehab. While this is undoubtedly a critical type of rehab, it is not the only option and is certainly not the best option for everyone suffering from addiction. That’s when it’s important to look for outpatient rehabs in Berlin, NJ

At Liberty Wellness, we know that each and every addiction is unique and that each person deserves the type of rehab that is right for them. In this post, we are going to discuss New Jersey outpatient rehab programs, the benefits of outpatient treatment, and how to find outpatient rehabs in Berlin, New Jersey.

What is Outpatient Treatment? 

Outpatient treatment is one of the types of treatment that is available for those going through addiction, though it is not offered at every treatment facility. Whereas inpatient treatment requires a person to stay at the rehab facility for the duration of their treatment plan, and they must remain under constant supervision, outpatient treatment is much less strict. It allows people to come to the facility for their treatment and return home. For the most part, the same types of treatment and therapy are available.

There are two types of outpatient treatment; each one is different for different situations and circumstances. 

Standard outpatient treatment has the person coming to the facility 2-3 times per week to get treatment sessions and to check in with staff. Clients are usually only loosely monitored and expected to maintain sobriety in between visits while completing their treatment plan. 

The second type of outpatient treatment is known as intensive outpatient treatment. This option is quite a bit more structured than normal outpatient treatment but still doesn’t require a person to stay at the facility. The most significant difference is that clients must come more times per week for treatment and check in regularly to ensure they are keeping sober and adhering to the treatment plan. 

What Are the Benefits of Outpatient Treatment? 

There are a number of benefits to choosing outpatient treatment for those whom it is a good fit for. 

For instance, those undergoing outpatient care still get the same level of personalization and support as a person going through inpatient treatment without having to live at the facility. This means they don’t have to worry about feeling stuck in a facility or missing out on parts of their life that they may otherwise be able to enjoy if they were able to come and go when they wanted to. 

Another benefit is that flexible treatment is beneficial for those trying to pursue life goals and possibly repair some of the damage caused by their addiction. This can be things like working a job, going back to school, or even trying to make amends with people they may have wronged while they were on drugs. This is an excellent way for those that don’t need as much supervision to get the treatment they need while also working on other aspects of their life. 

Lastly, folks in outpatient treatment have access to the same level of support, treatment options, and aftercare services as other clients so if they need additional support while going through the program; they can still get it when they need it. 

Are There Outpatient Rehabs in Berlin, NJ? 

You can find the outpatient rehab you or your loved one needs in Berlin, NJ, by coming to us here at Liberty Wellness. We have a full range of treatment options, including both forms of outpatient rehab and even long-term rehab for all types of addictions and offer outpatient rehabilitation to our clients to help them on the path to recovery. 

Not only are we there for our clients, but we also have services dedicated to their families as well and helping to heal the damage that addiction has caused. No one should have to go through the fight of addiction alone. 
If you or your loved one need help, contact Liberty Wellness today.

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