Are There Outpatient Prescription Drug Rehab Centers?


When faced with the impacts of prescription abuse, many individuals are concerned about more than that. Most probably feel overwhelmed, thinking about how rehabilitation and treatment for substance use disorder might impact their overall well-being related to this medication use.

At Liberty Wellness, we offer multiple opportunities for individualized success through our prescription drug rehab therapies. In addition, our drug and alcohol rehab center, located in Berlin, NJ, helps individuals and families through compassionate and collaborative treatment opportunities.

Speak with an admissions assistant today to learn more about our outpatient prescription drug rehab center at Liberty Wellness. Liberty Wellness is a New Jersey outpatient rehab center offering addiction and mental health treatment.

Which Prescription Drugs Are Commonly Abused?

This form of substance abuse has many complicated factors when it comes to prescription drug abuse, sometimes even more so than individuals addicted to illegal drugs. Individuals who become addicted to prescription medications don’t always see the impact of their addiction and often have a more challenging time identifying it because of the necessity of the medication for their physical or mental health.

Prescription drug addiction occurs primarily due to misuse. Misuse of prescription drugs occurs when an individual takes too much, takes the drug too quickly, alters the absorption method, or uses the medication to get high. This type of misuse is dangerous and can have catastrophic results. In 2020, approximately 34,000 people died due to prescription drug abuse.

When an individual struggles with prescription drug abuse, the substance typically falls into one of three main categories – opioids, benzodiazepines, or stimulants. These medication classifications cover a wide variety of medications and are used to treat common illnesses, medical disorders, and mental health disorders.

Opioids are most commonly identified by their main characteristic, painkillers. Opioid narcotics are often prescribed to patients before surgery, for back and knee pain, and during cancer treatments. Unfortunately, the wide range of uses for opioid painkillers opens many individuals up to the possibility of developing an addiction.

Another commonly abused prescription medicine category is benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines can be prescribed for mood disorders, sleep disorders, and anxiety. These medications are typically used to stabilize mood and can become addictive. Stopping benzodiazepine use without a thorough and carefully detailed plan from my position can be catastrophic.

The same is true for addiction to prescription stimulants. Stopping prescription stimulant use cold turkey can cause a number of adverse side effects. The most commonly abused prescription stimulant is medication for ADHD. For example, Ritalin, a low-dose amphetamine, can cause heart palpitations, restlessness, changes in mood or personality, and changes in appetite.

What Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

As stated earlier, prescription drug abuse can be challenging to identify in individuals who are using the medication for mental or physical health concerns. However, loved ones are an asset in this sense. Prescription drug abuse often comes with a number of social red flags. Some of the most common include changes in mood or personality, avoidance of favorite activities to use or recover from use, and spending time figuring out how to obtain more medication by doctor shopping or frequent medical facilities.

Are There Outpatient Prescription Drug Rehab Centers?

If you believe that you or a loved one may be addicted to prescription medication or have developed problematic use based on the factors for misuse of a prescription, many types of addiction treatment can work to treat this disorder. One of the most common treatment options for individuals who struggle with prescription drug abuse is outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment requires an individual to attend weekly sessions consisting of individualized, group, and alternative therapy sessions to provide a well-rounded and holistic approach to addiction treatment.

Many individuals choose to attend traditional outpatient treatment programs because of the program’s flexibility to fit within their lifestyle. Inpatient treatment can also benefit individuals by providing additional mental and physical health resources. 

Liberty Wellness is an Outpatient Prescription Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey

At Liberty Wellness, we work with individuals and families on recovery. Our outpatient treatment facilities offer a number of high-quality, client-focused therapeutic programs. Focusing on compassionate recovery treatment, we guide our client’s total rehabilitative wellness with thorough aftercare planning, relapse prevention, and long-term treatment options. 

Learn more about the outpatient prescription drug rehab center at Liberty Wellness today.

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