What is Medication Assisted Treatment?


We all know how important addiction treatment is in the process of someone getting sober and recovering from addiction to lead a normal life. Sometimes though, depending on the severity of the addiction and the symptoms, it takes more than just traditional treatment to do the job and ensure the client is safe. 

Thankfully, there are many options for addiction treatment, including medication-assisted treatment for those with conditions requiring extra supervision and treatment. It’s important to consider each person’s specific needs when dealing with addiction treatment because no two addictions are the same, and cookie-cutter treatments do not always work. 

At Liberty Wellness, we work hard to treat each client as an individual and develop a specific plan for their recovery. In this post, we will discuss medically assisted treatment, how it works, what medications are used in medication-assisted therapy, and how to find medication-assisted treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ.

What is Medication Assisted Treatment? 

Treatment with medication assistance is a specialized form of treatment that is used to manage addiction cases that have medical complications, severe withdrawal reactions, or other complications. 

In some cases, the client has underlying health issues that have to be managed while they go through treatment, especially detox, so that they remain healthy and safe throughout the process and are able to handle the withdrawal symptoms as well. The combination of health issues and withdrawal can be deadly, so it sometimes takes an experienced medical team and the help of medications to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Some people have such severe withdrawal reactions that medications are used to manage the withdrawal itself, including reducing cravings and managing specific symptoms so that they don’t impede the progress a person is making. 

What Medications Are Used in Rehab Treatment? 

Medications are used in rehab for a few different reasons. We’ll break them down into categories so that you get a better idea of what types they are and why they are used. 

Symptom Management 

One of the primary uses of medication is symptom management. This can come in the form of things like general pain management using prescriptions or over-the-counter pain meds, all the way up to drugs that are used to treat specific conditions like anxiety or depression. In these cases, a person may be prescribed antidepressants or benzodiazepines to manage mental stability. 

Craving Management 

Another type of medication that is sometimes used in rehab is a type of drug that is used to manage cravings. Naltrexone and Alcomprosate are two drugs that are used specifically for managing alcohol cravings and blocking the enjoyable effects of the substance. Methadone and Buprenephren are two drugs used to stop cravings from opioids and heroin. 

Health Management 

Finally, medication is sometimes used in rehab to manage existing health issues while the person undergoes both detox and treatment. Withdrawal symptoms can exacerbate existing health issues and make them worse, as can the stress of going through treatment, so medication is sometimes used to keep people healthy. 

Some clients may require a mix of different types of medications depending on their health, the severity of their addiction, and their withdrawal. Medication management also includes supervision by a trained medical staff so that if the client has any adverse reactions or issues, there can be immediate care to resolve the issue. 

Medication plans are done much like rehab treatment plans, on an individual basis, based on the specific needs of the clients, so there’s no need to worry about potential conflicts of medication or outdated forms of treatment.

How to Find Medication Assisted Treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ 

When you or your loved one enters rehab, it’s important that they are safe and that their medical needs are looked after. If you are considering medication-assisted treatment in Cherry Hill, NJ, for yourself or a family member, then Liberty Wellness is here for you. 

We offer an amazing variety of treatment options and programs that you won’t find just anywhere. From family therapy to long-term rehab and relapse prevention services, we aim to treat the whole addiction from our medically assisted detox all the way to aftercare. No one wants or should have to deal with an addiction without getting the help they need. If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, contact Liberty Wellness today. Liberty Wellness is an outpatient rehab in New Jersey ready to help you during the recovery process.

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