Is Yoga Used in Rehab?


Many people are familiar with the idea of yoga and might have even taken a class or moved through the poses at one point or another in their lives. Still, many don’t know the mental and physical health benefits a regular yoga practice can have on an individual.

At Liberty Wellness, we work with individuals to focus their recovery on their mental and physical wellness through traditional, alternative, and medical addiction treatment practices. By addressing our clients’ holistic needs, we encourage them along their healing journey.

Liberty Wellness offers holistic treatment and individual addiction counseling in NJ. Learn more about the use of yoga in rehab at Liberty Wellness.

What is Yoga?

If you’ve ever met a Yogi, you know that yoga, for many people, is a way of life. Yoga focuses on harmony between the mind and body through eight interconnected components. These eight components include: “conduct within society, personal discipline, postures/poses (”asanas”), breathing, concentration, contemplation, meditation, and absorption/stillness.” The interconnectedness of these mind-body concepts in yoga encourages its’ use in many holistic wellness plans, including mental health and addiction treatments.

Yoga in the United States typically focuses on the poses, breathing, and meditation. Through this focus, individuals can better grasp pain management, the relief of menopause symptoms, and weight loss. In addition, for many individuals, basic yoga poses can support an individual’s mental and physical strength and balance.

Practicing yoga has been identified as a supportive treatment measure for individuals in rehabilitation for substance addiction, mood disorders, and individuals experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Focusing on meditation, breathing, stillness, and personal discipline helps clients focus on their physical and mental growth.

How Can Yoga Improve Your Health?

Practicing yoga can improve an individual’s physical and mental health. 

Physically, yoga has a significant number of benefits. Yoga can impact everything from better posture and flexibility to improved digestion and weight loss through the practice of yoga. As a wellness program, it can reduce blood pressure and increase strength and balance. In addition, instructors and medical professionals can modify the asanas to meet the wellness needs of the individuals practicing, making them excellent options for many.

Yoga can also dramatically support an individual’s mental health. The practice of yoga focuses on an individual’s inner balance, strength, and harmony. It works to reduce stress, improve focus, and support clients working on acceptance and through traumas. The critical components of meditation and absorption support a mentally healthy lifestyle that can help people with addiction, trauma, and stress disorders.

Is Yoga Used in Rehab?

Yoga is used in many holistic inpatient treatment programs and is offered locally in connection with many outpatient programs. In addition, many physicians recommend that individuals participate in yoga as part of a self-care or after-care program. Through this process, individuals can work on their mental and physical health goals at the same time. 

A narrative review of the use of yoga in the management of substance use disorders found that yoga has been studied in connection with addiction to multiple substances, most frequently nicotine, alcohol, and opioids. All of these use disorders and recovery periods are associated with significant changes in weight, physical stamina, and mood disorders. In combination with addiction treatment, Kuppili, Parmar, Gupta, and Balhara found yoga to be a “promising intervention” for clients. 

How to Find Yoga Therapy Programs in New Jersey

There are hundreds of treatment programs in the New Jersey area. These treatment centers offer tonnes of different traditional or ultra-alternative programs that seek to support clients through the different stages of recovery. Unfortunately, searching through these various types of treatment programs can be overwhelming and lead to additional stress. 

At Liberty Wellness, our focus is on individual mental health and physical wellness through a combination of traditional cognitive behavioral therapies and alternative holistic treatments like yoga and nutrition counseling. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) allows our clients to focus on their long-term recovery goals and personal wellness with the security of MAT. Our facility offers long-term and short-term treatment options to address various disorders. In addition, we have the capacity to treat individuals, families, and teens with substance abuse or other mental health disorders. Liberty Wellness is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Berlin, NJ. Learn more about the yoga rehab program at Liberty Wellness, and let us support you in your recovery, today

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