What is a Holistic Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?


If you’ve ever known anyone to suffer from addiction or you yourself suffer from addiction, then you likely know that addiction affects your entire body and your life in many different ways. For this reason, addiction can be difficult to treat. Sometimes traditional methods alone are not enough to stop the course of addiction and put a person on the path to sobriety. It helps to have a more well-rounded approach to addiction that deals with all the different aspects of addiction, what triggers it, and how it impacts a person’s life. If a person is suffering from simultaneously occurring mental health and addiction disorders, it is vital to find holistic dual diagnosis treatment centers for your recovery.

Liberty Wellness is here to treat all your addiction-related problems and give you the help you need as one of New Jersey’s holistic recovery centers. In this post, we are going to take a close look at holistic treatment, what it is, examples of different types of holistic treatment, what a holistic dual diagnosis treatment center is, and how this type of treatment center can help those with co-occurring disorders. 

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What is Holistic Drug Treatment?  

Holistic drug treatment or holistic rehabs are facilities that treat addiction using a holistic or whole-body approach. Rather than focusing on only traditional methods and medications to combat addiction, they look for a variety of healthy ways to naturally help the body overcome drug and alcohol use and combat the problems that go along with addiction. 

Holistic treatment tends to work without using medications and drugs and instead focuses on natural remedies and ways to heal the body. Part of the process also means working on things other than just physical ailments. Holistic treatment works by treating the mind, body, spirit, and social aspects of addiction. In this way, it is possible to address all the areas of a person’s life that addiction has harmed. 

For instance, one of the hallmarks of addiction is a person distancing themselves from family and friends to obtain and use drugs or alcohol. A holistic treatment approach will work to identify the harm caused to these relationships, why this has happened, and what can be done to repair them. The same is true for a person’s mental state; if they are suffering from mental health issues, treatment can help identify the triggers of mental illness and work to develop coping skills to deal with them. 

Another essential part of holistic treatment is focusing on the inner self and the problems that a person faces. Self-reflection and working on self-esteem can help to improve a person’s outlook on life and make them less likely to revert to using drugs. It is often found that day-to-day stress and negativity are two of the triggers of drug use, and when combined with problems like anxiety or depression, these problems can be made worse, and addiction or relapse becomes more likely. 

A whole-body holistic approach to addiction treatment raises the chances of long-term sobriety and successful recovery.

What Are Examples of Holistic Addiction Treatment? 

Most addiction recovery centers like Liberty Wellness use a wide range of treatment options. Besides helping to treat addiction through common types of counseling and group therapy, there are other options available such as mindfulness and self-awareness exercises that work to help a person identify the harm they have done because of their addiction and work to overcome it. 

Treatment comes in many forms, but some of the most popular and effective options include things like yoga and meditation. These both focus on mental and spiritual health while counseling and healthcare services like massage therapy help to improve the body. By combining these types of treatments together, it is easier to deal with the overall picture of addiction. 

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What is a Holistic Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center? 

A holistic dual diagnosis treatment center has the same dual diagnosis treatments as other dual diagnosis rehabs but focuses on both addiction and mental illness simultaneously. Many of the treatments available at a holistic rehab can be applied to mental health and wellness, such as treating anxiety with mindfulness and meditation. 

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction and mental illness and need holistic dual diagnosis treatment, then Liberty Wellness is here for you. We offer individualized programs for each client and have a range of treatment options so that no matter what type of addiction and mental illness you are suffering from, you will be able to find the help you need. We also offer relapse prevention and family therapy to help keep you on the road to recovery. Don’t wait to get the help you need; contact Liberty Wellness today.

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