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Florida Blue is Blue Cross Blue Shield’s health insurance provider in the State of Florida. If you have Florida Blue coverage, you may enjoy access to a benefit not offered by all insurance companies. Namely, you may be able to seek healthcare services at certain out-of-state facilities. The same holds true for your covered dependents. Among the many forms of out-of-state care available to Florida Blue members is treatment for drug or alcohol problems. 

Need a Florida Blue addiction treatment center in New Jersey? At Liberty Wellness, Florida Blue is one of our many accepted insurance providers. If you follow the steps outlined in your policy, you can use your out-of-state coverage to pay for our full range of modern addiction services. And your covered dependents can do the same. That’s just part of our commitment to making quality drug and alcohol treatment as accessible as possible.

Liberty Wellness is a New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab center that accepts Florida Blue insurance. Contact us today to speak with our admissions team.

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Different Options

Understanding Florida Blue’s Out-of-State Options

Florida Blue HMO has two programs for policyholders and their covered dependents who need out-of-state care. If you’re going to be out of Florida for less than 90 consecutive days, you can take advantage of the BlueCard Program. People out of the state for 90 consecutive days or longer can seek treatment through Florida Blue’s Away From Home Care Program. Under the terms of this second option, as the policyholder, you have six months of annually renewable coverage. Your dependents can receive full-year renewable coverage. 

Like most of today’s health insurance companies, Florida Blue provides coverage for drug and alcohol treatment. The extent of your coverage depends on the details of your chosen plan. You can use your Florida Blue substance abuse coverage and addiction coverage in many states across the country. That includes New Jersey. 

Have questions about New Jersey Florida Blue drug rehab or alcohol rehab? Get the answers you need from Liberty Wellness’ knowledgeable staff.

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Available Options at Our Florida Blue Addiction Treatment Center Behavioral Therapy

At Liberty Wellness, we use state-of-the-art methods to help you recover from drug or alcohol addiction. These methods put a heavy emphasis on something called behavioral psychotherapy. Therapy of this type is based on the understanding that:

  • The way you behave in everyday life has a huge impact on your ability to break the cycle of addiction
  • Some behaviors make continued addiction more likely, while others help limit your future exposure
  • Your behavior is heavily influenced by your typical thought patterns and emotional responses

It seeks to help you change your behavior for the better, in part by changing your mental and emotional habits. Behavioral therapy is a diverse field with many available options. Examples of options that could form part of your addiction treatment plan include:

  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT
  • Community reinforcement
The use of Medication


Recovery plans for many forms of addiction only include behavioral therapy. However, additional use of medication is standard for people in treatment for:

  • Alcoholism
  • Opioid use disorder

In combination with therapy, several medications can help you overcome either of these conditions. For the most part, medicines for opioid problems won’t support alcoholism recovery, or vice versa. However, there is also some overlap among the options used in alcohol and opioid treatment. 

Want to know more about the methods used at our Florida Blue outpatient treatment center in New Jersey? Contact us today for further details.

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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient care is the norm for most people who receive addiction treatment. Generally speaking, you can benefit from this form of care if you:

  • Have mild, moderate or moderate-to-severe problems with drugs or alcohol
  • Can maintain a stable environment during the time you spend outside of treatment
  • Have access to friends or family who can support you in your recovery efforts

However, not everyone who meets these basic criteria needs the same amount of resources during treatment. For this reason, there are several options for outpatient care, including:

  • Standard programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs
  • Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs

Liberty Wellness’ Florida Blue addiction treatment center follows an outpatient recovery model. Depending on your needs, you can enroll in any of the three available types of programs. Consult our in-house specialists to see which option makes the most sense for you.

Mental Health Care

Adding More Mental Health Care
Resources to Your Recovery Plan

In roughly half of all cases, people recovering from addiction have no additional mental health issues. However, the remaining 50% of those in treatment will be further impacted by an illness such as:

  • An anxiety disorder
  • A bipolar disorder
  • Major depression

If you meet the criteria for one of these illnesses as well as addiction, you have what’s known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. To recover in these circumstances, you need access to additional mental health care resources. Liberty Wellness specializes in combining these extra resources with your addiction treatment plan. Find out more by contacting us today.

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Other Services You or Your Loved One May Need

Your Florida Blue coverage also gives you access to a range of other services available at Liberty Wellness. These services include specialized addiction treatment for your teenage dependents. It also includes an aftercare program that can help you reinforce your sobriety after completing substance treatment. 

In some cases, you or your dependent may also receive coverage for our long-term treatment program. This program takes much more time to complete than our typical standard, IOP and PHP offerings. The extra treatment it provides can help improve recovery odds for anyone with a history of multiple relapses following rehab. 

Talk to us today to learn more about the additional services provided by Liberty Wellness.

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For one reason or another, you or your loved one may find yourself in need of substance treatment while out of state. Not all insurance providers will cover your costs in this kind of situation. However, Florida Blue does. In fact, Florida Blue makes two different programs available for those in need of out-of-state treatment. Both policy holders and their covered dependents can take part in these programs.

Want to use Florida Blue insurance for addiction treatment in New Jersey? Turn to the recovery experts at Liberty Wellness. Every day, we help out-of-state policy holders and their dependents make use of their Florida Blue coverage. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get help for substance problems regardless of your current location. 

Liberty Wellness is a premier service provider. This means that your insurance coverage provides you with access to the very best in modern outpatient addiction treatment. Ready to get started? Contact us today to review your coverage and find out what’s needed to get your recovery underway. 

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