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Families are also deeply affected when a loved one has addiction problems,. The addicted person will receive intensive therapy to deal with their underlying conditions and treat the specific alcohol and/or drug addiction issue. Family members often develop a codependent relationship with the family member that is struggling with the powerful forces of addiction. If this co-dependent relationship problem is not addressed, the recovering addict might go back to the same environment where using drugs or consuming alcohol is their norm. Families that also receive counseling learn about healthy relationships, and they also learn how to provide support for the addicted person without being an enabler.

Having family there for support is a positive motivator for someone battling their addictions. It is common for addicts to ignore their more stable and sober friends to hang out with others involved in heavy drug or alcohol use instead. When a person is discharged after completing a residential addiction recovery program, they will need to steer clear of people and situations that might provoke them to relapse and use their preferred drug of choice again. Follow up counseling for the families and the addict are tantamount to staying sober.


In addition to the Family Program for our clients at Liberty Wellness, we also host a free, Family Addiction Support Group in South Jersey. At the “All Walks” group, you will be able to connect with people who understand what your going through as you learn different ways to cope, how to handle an addicted loved one in your home, how to stop enabling and much more. The All Walks Group is absolutely free and ALL are welcome! Click the link below and like us on Facebook for group updates, weekly group topics and get connected with people who have been there.

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