What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?


Most people know how serious addiction can be and that it requires treatment, but you may not know that many people develop addictions as a way to cope with other problems. In fact, many people suffer from both addiction and a mental health disorder simultaneously, and it can be difficult or even possible to deal with one because of the other. When this happens, you need a specialized type of care known as dual diagnoses therapy or dual diagnosis rehab. It’s important to find the right type of care in these situations to break the cycle of addiction. 

Liberty Wellness is a rehab in New Jersey that understands how complex dealing with addiction and mental illness at the same time can be. That’s why we want to do everything we can to help our clients and their families. In this post, we are going to look at dual diagnosis treatment, what it is, which disorders are most common, how the treatment works, and how to find dual diagnosis therapy options near Mount Laurel, NJ.

What is Dual Diagnosis? 

Dual diagnosis is a type of treatment that works to treat both addiction and mental disorders at the same time. It is an important part of the addiction treatment process for those dealing with both simultaneously because, in many cases, one problem may cause the other. 

Often a person will turn to alcohol or drug addiction as a means to cope with an undiagnosed or untreated mental disorder. In this way, one problem causes the other. In other cases, a person with an addiction develops a mental disorder as a result of the addiction and the stress and problems that go along with it. In either case, it is nearly impossible to break the cycle without the proper type of help. 

This is because only treating one problem leaves the other problem intact. Over time the leftover problem causes the other issue to resurface, such as treating the addiction but not the mental disorder; a person is much more likely to relapse because they are still dealing with triggers from their mental illness. The opposite is also true if you only treat the mental disorder and not the illness.

What Are Common Dual Diagnosis Disorders? 

There are a few more common dual diagnosis disorders. The more common ones are anxiety-related disorders, such as fear of crowds, panic disorders, social anxiety, and a list of others. The second type of mental disorder that is common with dual diagnosis disorders is depression. 

Depression can due to the use of drugs and alcohol, as it has a negative effect on one’s life, or it can exist before the addiction and be made worse through the use of drugs and alcohol. Many people use their addiction to cope with the mental illness rather than seeking proper treatment, which leads to an endless cycle of destruction. 

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment For? 

Dual diagnosis is a type of therapy that works to treat both an addiction and a mental disorder at the same time. Compared to standard addiction therapy, dual diagnosis treatment works on diagnosing and treating a mental disorder and its underlying causes, alongside typical addiction therapy. 

The only way for a person with a dual diagnosis disorder to truly get sober is by treating both conditions at the same time. This is because one causes the other; therefore, without removing both or managing both, one cannot truly stay on the path to sobriety.

How to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Mount Laurel, NJ 

If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction and mental illness together, then you should come to Liberty Wellness. We offer the best addiction treatments for folks in Mount Laurel and the surrounding area. 

We have a range of programs for co-occurring disorders that deal with mental illness and addiction at the same time and offer outpatient programs as well as partial hospitalization if necessary and even sober living and aftercare programs once treatment ends. 

We work to treat the source of your problems, not just the problems themselves, so that you have the best chances possible at long-term sobriety. No one should have to suffer from addiction and mental illness. 
If you or a loved one are ready to get help, contact Liberty Wellness today! Liberty Wellness is a New Jersey outpatient rehab program providing dual diagnosis and addiction treatment.

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