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Mr. Stephen Smarrito, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Liberty Wellness is a seasoned addiction professional who spent more than 10 years in various positions in addiction treatment. His involvement in making a difference in the community has been recognized by Fox 29, NBC 10, CBS and the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Smarrito, a person who has been affected by the disease of addiction, was compelled to improve the quality of care, treatment, and service in the New Jersey Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health space. He followed his dream in 2018 and Co-Founded Liberty Wellness which provides professional Addiction Treatment Services.

Liberty Wellness offers a comprehensive Addiction Treatment approach to wellness through psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, exercise, and nutrition. It is a program that offers an opioid alternative to chronic pain management in the form of yoga and massage therapy. Mr. Smarrito also believes in regular recovery check-ups and uses the Alumni Program to help with sustainable recovery. Mr. Smarrito is responsible for the daily operations of Liberty Wellness to ensure that quality care is being received and that the clients are experiencing respect and dignity from all the staff that serve them.

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It is common for addicted individuals to also have various mental, emotional, spiritual or physical problems. These often cause the individual to indulge in drugs or alcohol. Self treatment of deep seated pain is usually ineffective. Our professionals address these inner needs. This program offers co-occurring disorder treatments. Skilled counselors can treat mental health disorders along with the drug and alcohol recovery regimen.

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