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Discovering the most effective treatment for your unique needs requires careful consideration. While residential treatment is often regarded as the “gold standard,” the intensive outpatient program presents an alternative that can be equally impactful. Our approach acknowledges the diversity of individual circumstances and recognizes that a one-size-fits-all solution may not be the most suitable path to long-term recovery.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a specialized treatment service designed to address various challenges such as addictions, depression, eating disorders, or dependencies that do not necessitate detoxification. Unlike residential treatment, an IOP allows individuals to reside at home while receiving the necessary support. This means you can maintain your usual daily commitments, such as work, school, or family responsibilities.

Benefits of IOP Treatment? | FAQ

Our New Jersey IOP Program provides a comprehensive array of features and benefits, including:

  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Co-Occuring Disorder Treatment
  • Medical Evaluations
  • Meditation
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Skills
  • Codependency
  • Nutrition and Dietary Education
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employment Skills
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Community Integration Support

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What Are The Benefits of IOP Treatment?

Intensive Outpatient Program in New JerseyIntensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are meticulously crafted to provide the same level of intensity and focus as inpatient programs, all while allowing clients to uphold their regular day-to-day lives. This flexibility is especially valuable for individuals who may find it challenging to commit to an inpatient program due to job obligations, family responsibilities, or other commitments.

Research on Intensive Outpatient Programs and treatment consistently demonstrates its efficacy, proving to be as impactful as residential treatment for many seeking assistance. Particularly beneficial for those without the need for medical detoxification services, Intensive Outpatient Programs serve as a compelling alternative to residential programs.

Key advantages of IOP programs encompass, but are not restricted to:

  1. Greater Client Responsibility: Clients actively engage in their treatment journey, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

  2. Cost-Effective: IOPs typically offer a more budget-friendly option compared to residential or inpatient treatment programs.

  3. Maintained Daily Activities: Patients can seamlessly continue their daily routines and reside in the comfort of their homes, promoting a supportive environment.

  4. Extended Treatment Duration: Studies indicate that longer treatment durations correlate with improved recovery outcomes, making Intensive Outpatient Programs a favorable choice.

  5. Community Connection: Engaging with peers who share similar experiences fosters a sense of connection and understanding.

  6. Privacy Preservation: IOPs afford individuals the privacy of receiving treatment while keeping personal matters confidential.

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Top Frequently asked questions

Liberty Wellness FAQs

What are the steps of the admissions process?

First call in or submit contact form through wendi widget or other contact form providing basic information.

Second we will verify your insurance or set up a payment plan for self pay. This can take up to 1 hr but generally will happen within 20 minutes.

Third, we will return call to provide explanation of benefits or to finalize a payment plan. 

Fourth we will schedule and perform a pre assessment asking more in depth clinical questions about substance usage, treatment history, co occurring conditions, medications that will be reviewed by our clinical director to make an assessment. 

Fifth We will schedule intake date and time and transportation if needed.

Does Liberty Wellness accept insurance?

 Yes, Liberty Wellness accepts Most commercial Insurance policies.

Is Liberty Wellness accredited?

We are a New Jersey state licensed substance abuse co-occurring treatment center, a part of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), and Joint Commission Accredited (JCAHO).

Do you offer financial assistance?

We offer partial scholarships and can develop a payment plan.

How is Liberty Wellness different from other programs?

Liberty Wellness focuses on holistic wellness by aiding individuals with learning how to live a more meaningful life beyond simply abstinence from substances. The program centers on spiritual wellness, relational wellness, physical wellness, vocational wellness, and recreational wellness. Liberty Wellness is a co-occurring program that additionally focuses on treatment underlying mental health disorders.

What happens if I need to travel for treatment? How will I get from the airport to the facility?

We Provide transportation from airports and can help arrange transportation.

What is the difference between PHP and IOP?

PHP stands for partial hospitalization program. It is more intensive than IOP, and less intensive

than inpatient. In PHP individuals attend sessions 5-6 days a week for 5 hours a day. In IOP

individuals attend sessions 5-3 days a week for 3 hours a day.

How long can I expect to be in treatment?

It is case by case, but the average length of stay in the PHP program is about one month.

Individuals who transition to our IOP/OP programs attend on average between an additional 6-8

months following the completion of the PHP program.

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