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At Liberty Wellness, situated in New Jersey, we specialize in providing personalized addiction counseling and treatment solutions. Our comprehensive counseling and substance abuse treatment programs address both the physical and mental health aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Clients engage in weekly one-on-one counseling sessions at our Berlin, NJ location, where they work closely with their dedicated primary therapist throughout our intensive outpatient program and outpatient programs. These tailored sessions aim to address individual needs and promote holistic recovery using multiple therapy options.

Individual Addiction Counseling & Treatment Plans

Our dedicated experts, who lead the addiction treatment programs at our individual counseling and treatment centers in Berlin, NJ, strongly advocate for an individualized approach when determining the most effective treatment options. Here are some key benefits of this approach:

Our New Jersey IOP Program provides a comprehensive array of features and benefits, including:

  • Identifying/addressing any physical conditions or diseases that may occur alongside a case of addiction
  • Treating all types of addiction: physical, mental (co-occurring), social, and spiritual
  • Creates multiple therapy options that work in different manners
  • Allows anybody access to some form of addiction therapy that may work for them
  • Assesses any psychological problems that contribute to addiction and works to eliminate them

In addition to these advantages, our personalized addiction counseling and treatment programs not only provide essential support but also significantly reduce the likelihood of relapse. Research indicates that approximately 40-60% of individuals face the challenge of relapse. By tailoring a treatment plan to address the specific needs and concerns of each client, we empower them to navigate the path to recovery more effectively.

Moreover, Liberty Wellness extends its individualized addiction counseling and treatment services beyond our Berlin, NJ location, catering to patients from across the nation. Individuals from various states, including Connecticut, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia, seek our expertise in DBT Therapy, motivational interviewing interventions, and other comprehensive programs.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Plans

  1. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Programs: Embark on a transformative journey with our CBT programs led by skilled therapists. These short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy sessions take a hands-on, practical approach to resolving challenges. Our dedicated CBT Therapists work collaboratively to reshape thought patterns and behaviors, fostering positive change in individuals’ emotional well-being.
  2. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Programs: Tailored for those grappling with substance abuse, DBT programs facilitate self-acceptance alongside a commitment to change. This comprehensive therapy incorporates mindfulness, interpersonal relations, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance, empowering individuals to navigate their transformative path.
  3. Motivational Interviewing Interventions for Substance Abuse: Our collaborative and goal-oriented approach harnesses motivational interviewing techniques, drawing from diverse therapeutic styles. By aligning with the patient’s reasons for change, this intervention addresses ambivalence and transforms aspirations into tangible outcomes, fostering motivation and commitment to recovery.
  4. Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT): Empower family and friends with effective strategies through our CRAFT program. By reshaping interactions, CRAFT facilitates positive changes in a loved one’s behavior, providing crucial support throughout the treatment process.
  5. Seeking Safety: A present-focused therapy, Seeking Safety, guides clients towards safety from trauma and substance abuse. By emphasizing coping skills for drug cravings, grounding techniques, and education, this program equips individuals with essential tools for overcoming challenges.
  6. Family Counseling and Therapy for Substance Abuse Addiction: Recognizing the profound impact of addiction on families, our comprehensive program offers support and healing. Through family therapy and recovery, individuals and their loved ones embark on a collective journey, reaping the benefits of improved communication, motivation, and engagement during the treatment process.
  • Motivation and Engagement: Keep loved ones motivated and engaged throughout the treatment journey.
  • Understanding Addiction: Gain insights into addiction’s effects on the family and understand the treatment process.
  • Open Communication: Create a space for questions and concerns, fostering ongoing dialogue about their loved one’s addiction.
  • Support System: Provide a high level of support to loved ones.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Develop improved family communication skills, strengthening the foundation for recovery.

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